Electrical Engineering

Range of Engineering Services

Third Party Inspection



Design Stage: We can study the design of all the services and conduct Value Engineering, suggest improvements, alternations with a view to reduce costs.

Construction Stage :We shall conduct periodic inspection on Site to study that the project isimplemented according to the Specifications and conditions of Contract and report to our Clients. This will enable the Clients to rectify the mistakes or oversights before it is too late.

Post Construction Stage: We study the completed Project and make an independent report on any discrepancies in implementing the project as per specifications and Conditions of Contract.
Existing Buildings We can make a thorough inspection of all existing Services and make comprehensive report to the Client on the Status of each of the services. A report shall be submitted on how to improve the services with the cost implications, and cost savings on implementing the recommended modifications.

Energy Auditing
We undertake Energy Auditing on existing buildings. Energy Auditing is a system to record, analyze and report Energy Consumption and cost on a regular basis.

Reasons for Energy Audit

  • Record and attribute Energy Consumption and costs
  • Troubleshoot Energy problems and Billing errors
  • Evaluate Energy program success and communicate results
  • Create incentives for Energy Management